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Your Dog Will Love This Chewy Treat… And You’ll Love Its Health Benefits!

Not every dog ​​is willing to sit patiently while a human rubs strange things against its teeth. Brushing a dog’s teeth can seem like an impossible task, but keeping cavities away doesn’t have to be a losing battle. There’s no substitute for good brushing, but specialized dental treatment can tackle plaque every day – and the best part is, there’s no brush or toothpaste involved.

There are plenty of products to choose from, but you need something that both you and your dog will love. If the treat is tasty enough, your dog will do all the work of brushing his teeth without your help. And as long as the product is made from the best ingredients, you will love it for keeping your pup healthy. Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks from Project Paws are just what you’re looking for.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

A treat that dogs love

Just like children and their vegetables, it’s not always easy to get a dog to eat what’s good for him. Healthy things tend not to pass the taste test, and if your dog doesn’t like it, you can’t force him to eat it.

Luckily for you, even picky pups lick their chops after devouring their daily Triple Enzyme Dental Chew. iHeartdogs customer Vanessa wrote a five-star review stating:

“Our Pibble is the pickiest eater ever and has many food and environmental allergies. He absolutely loves this! He gets one before bed, and has even begged for one before tucking himself in.

The secret ingredient that dogs love is dried chicken liver. It’s good for them, and the chicken flavor will have them begging for more.

Photo by Heloisa Nass on Unsplash

Low calories and low fat

The trick to proper treatment is to ensure that your puppy does not consume more than his daily allowance of calories. You give your dog all the calories he needs in the form of his daily meals. Feeding too many treats or treats that are high in calories can quickly lead to an obese dog.

Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks are formulated for the perfect calorie intake. Small toothpicks contain only 37 calories per stick, and the large version for large dogs contains 74 calories per stick. This way you can give your pup his daily toothpick without worrying about feeding him too much. All the health benefits are packed into those few calories, and one stick a day won’t ruin your dog’s dinner.

Triple action cleaning

First, Triple Enzyme Dental sticks combat the plaque that is already on your dog’s teeth. They then fight tartar by preventing built-up plaque from solidifying and adhering to the enamel. And finally, one treat a day will cure that case of bad dog breath. In total, these are three ways these treats play an active role in your dog’s dental health.

Dogs are at risk of developing cavities just like humans, and without proper dental care their overall health suffers. Too many dogs today suffer from things like gum disease and rotting teeth. It starts as a simple problem, but dental problems quickly lead to more serious and even life-threatening conditions.

Not only will you and your dog love the Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks, your purchase will also benefit a shelter dog in need. It is the only dental product for dogs that provides healthy meals to pets waiting in shelters for their forever families. You can choose from two sizes to best suit your dog’s needs, and you can even buy in bulk to save money and ensure you never run out of your dog’s favorite dental treats.

Featured photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

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