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Why Some Vets Still Sell Processed Food and Speak Out Against Raw Food – Dr. Dobias Natural Healing

6 steps to spread the message that raw and cooked diets are best for dogs

When I’m at a dog park or on the street and see a dog, it takes only two seconds for me to recognize a kibble-fed dog from a dog eating raw or cooked healthy food.

I often find myself struggling between saying nothing or saying something. The guards clearly love their dogs. They are simply not aware that the average dog fed kibble is more likely to die. And so more often than not I can’t say anything.

I’m not saying here that dogs fed raw or cooked food never get sick. They are simply much healthier on average, which results in a longer and happier life.

I’ve stopped trying to justify my position against it processed food. It’s common sense that fresh, natural food is better than food that sits in a bag on a warehouse shelf for six months or more. The essential principles of fresh food apply to both humans and animals.

The pet food industry conspiracy was discovered long ago and based on the pages of Applied veterinary clinical nutrition, the industry giants like to announce that selling processed pet food is big business. Andrea Fascetti and Sean Delaney argue that “a vast majority of veterinarians are forced out of necessity to become businesspeople at the same time.”

I don’t deny that everyone has to make a living and sell something; that’s the nature of life. Even a teacher sells his or her services to students, and veterinarians deserve to be rewarded for their years in school.

What I’m saying here is that the medical profession must free itself from making less than optimal recommendations for the sake of sales. Most veterinarians are highly educated and intelligent people who understand the value of healthy food.

The problem is that average veterinary practices make up to $100,000 in profits from the sale of processed foods. In my opinion, this is the main reason why raw feeding is not recommended by most vets, while dog lovers rave about it.

I am confident that most people would prefer that their veterinarian cut ties with processed food giants in exchange for higher appointment fees. People naturally lose confidence when a veterinarian imposes special diets containing ingredients such as pork fat, brewer’s rice, meat by-products and corn gluten. For the average dog lover, such a diet makes no sense whatsoever.

So what can we do if we see a dog with “kibbleitis” on the street or in the park?

1. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t have time to have the conversation, but if you do, speak on the dog’s behalf. You can simply let the guardian know what your experience with raw/cooked diet has been and how your dog has benefited from it.

2. Sometimes I just ask how old their dog is and then I tell them Skai is 14 years old, which is usually followed by a response of, “Wow, he doesn’t look like much.”

3. At this point I usually tell him to get raw and cooked foods, good supplements, chiro and massage.

4. Then you can ask what type of food they provide. If they respond with “the best kibble available,” suggest that eating dried food every day is hard on digestion and the kidneys. Besides, who would want to eat such food every day?

5. People often say they don’t have enough time or money for a raw/cooked diet for their dog. In my experience, people usually say it takes less time than they thought and for most dogs it costs less per day than a latte from their favorite cafe.

6. Finally, you can ask the guardian to give you his or her email address. If you trust my information and articles, please send them the following links on keeping their dog happy and healthy.

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There are many more articles, but it’s important not to bombard you with too many. Once people start learning, they get excited and many will make the switch. We both know how amazing it is to see the transformation when dogs switch to real food. Thank you for thinking of and teaching other dogs and their people.

I love that the scare tactics of processed pet food companies haven’t worked and that natural raw and cooked diet foods are now mainstream.

Our time with our dogs is the most precious asset, telling others about what you have learned is the best gift you can give.

Thanks for sharing this information with your friends!

Click below to see why a raw food diet for dogs is the best choice!

© Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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