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The Surprising Truth About When to Start

Bulldogs, with their muscular build, distinctive wrinkled faces, and resolute demeanor, have carved out a niche for themselves as family favorites. Historically bred for bull-baiting, today’s Bulldogs are gentle and affectionate, and make for delightful companions. If you’re the proud new parent of a Bulldog puppy, you may be pondering the question of when to initiate their training journey. This guide aims to offer insights into this pressing question, ensuring your Bulldog matures into a well-mannered adult.

Pinpointing the Perfect Time to Start for a Bulldog Puppy

Bulldogs are characteristically stubborn but are also driven by a deep desire to please their owners. Leveraging this innate drive is key to effective training. The golden window to kick off training for a Bulldog puppy is as soon as they’re comfortably settled in their new home, typically around the 8 to 10-week mark.

Starting early has its advantages. At this tender age, Bulldogs are highly impressionable, and their behavior is still malleable. Introduce basic commands such as “sit,” “come,” and “stay” and gradually build upon these foundations. Simultaneously, prioritize socialization: exposing your puppy to a variety of sounds, sights, and experiences will ensure they develop into well-rounded, confident adults.

Training should be consistent yet gentle, given the Bulldog’s sensitive nature. Remember, patience is pivotal. Bulldogs might take longer than some other breeds to master specific commands, but with perseverance, the results can be profoundly rewarding.

Potential Behavioral Pitfalls of Delayed Training of a Bulldog Puppy

Postponing training can lead to a range of behavioral challenges. With Bulldogs, the importance of early training becomes even more pronounced, given their unique disposition. Here are some complications that may arise if training is delayed:

  1. Stubbornness Intensifies: Bulldogs are inherently headstrong. Without early guidance, this trait can magnify, leading to challenges in getting them to heed commands or modify problematic behaviors.
  2. Territorial Tendencies: Bulldogs can develop possessive behaviors, especially around their food or favorite spots in the house. Early training helps prevent resource guarding and ensures they’re comfortable sharing.
  3. Toilet Training Troubles: Housebreaking can be a significant hurdle with Bulldogs. Delayed training can prolong the process, leading to frequent indoor messes.
  4. Over-Attachment: Bulldogs are loyal to a fault. Without early socialization, they can become overly dependent on their owners, leading to separation anxiety issues when left alone.

A structured training regimen during puppyhood can significantly diminish these challenges, fostering a harmonious bond between you and your Bulldog.

Embracing Online Training Courses for Your Bulldog Puppy

The digital age offers a multitude of resources for dog training, and online courses are at the forefront. Considering an online route for your Bulldog? Here are two compelling benefits:

  1. Customized Training Routines: Every Bulldog is unique, and online platforms grant you the flexibility to design a training schedule tailored to your pup’s temperament and needs. You can pace the training, ensuring sessions align with your Bulldog’s learning speed.
  2. Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips: Geography no longer restricts access to top-tier trainers. Online courses give you entry to a reservoir of expert insights and best practices. This ensures your Bulldog benefits from proven methods, amplifying the success rate of your training endeavors.

The Only 2 Online Puppy Training Courses We Recommend

1. SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle (BEST BUDGET FRIENDLY OPTION)

This comprehensive online puppy training program, designed by experienced trainer Steffi Trott, aims to help dog owners raise a well-behaved, social, and friendly puppy. The course provides lifetime access to over 70 lessons, including videos and an exclusive eBook, with a focus on critical behaviors like biting, potty training, and chewing. Participants can learn at their own pace from home, with the ability to ask unlimited questions to professional trainers. The program promises noticeable improvements in puppy behavior with just 10 minutes of practice per day. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, lifetime personal support, and seven bonus mini-courses covering specific issues like hyperactivity and separation anxiety.

2. K9 Training Institute’s “Dog Masterclass” (BEST OVERALL)

In addition to basic puppy training, this more comprehensive training class tackles any behavior problem you might face with your dog. It’s made in a very easy-to-follow video format.


To conclude, Bulldogs, with their blend of determination and affection, are an absolute delight to have as part of the family. Early and consistent training amplifies this joy manifold, ensuring that their spirited nature is channeled positively. Online training courses further bolster this process, bringing expert strategies right into your living room. Through dedication, understanding, and patience, you can ensure that your Bulldog pup grows into a well-behaved, loving companion, offering a lifetime of cherished moments.

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