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The dogs of Europe are having fun! Beautiful Dog Souls To Meet – Dr. Dobias Natural Healing

Trains, trams, gondolas and escalators! A few thoughts on how dogs are or are not accepted in different countries

This summer I spent a lot of time in Europe. After living in Canada for 28 years and being a frequent visitor to the US, I began to feel the pull back to my home country and spend more time with my elderly mother and the Czech “branch” of my family. Whenever I am in Europe, I am naturally drawn to observe how dogs are accepted, whether they can travel on public transport, on trains, in restaurants and parks. Two months after my arrival I would like to give you a small account of what I experience in a small video compilation.

Watch the video below and share it with others. It can help reduce the number of “no dogs allowed” signs in Canada and the US!

I recently wrote about Why salt is more valuable than gold or diamonds and I said that jet lag is especially bothersome. Sleepless nights and sleepy days can be a serious challenge, especially when it comes to work, but there is one positive part of jet lag. It gives me the chance to get up early and explore the area before everyone else wakes up!

One morning I was wide awake at 5am, which was the right time to wander the sleepy streets of Prague. The light was perfect and I really enjoyed the mystery of not knowing what was coming. Observing life’s canvas through the camera lens is one of my favorite things to do and today I’d like to introduce you to the dogs I encountered on my early morning walk.

Dog #1, Dog #2

I’m relatively shy as a photographer, but couldn’t resist taking a photo of these three waiting for a tram. Dogs are only allowed on public transport if they are muzzled for safety. I think it makes sense; Not all dogs are angels and unfortunately dog ​​parents don’t always have the luxury of a vehicle!

Dog #3

The photo below was fun to take! The dog was moving non-stop and her human was trying to get her to pose for me. What I especially like about this photo is how happy the man is with his dog. He sure is a proud parent!

Dog #4

The next dog is Shain. I asked his human why he had the bandage and he told me his dog had been bitten by another dog. It was clear they were homeless. I was really bummed because I forgot my wallet at home and had no change. “No worries, next time!” the man replied.

Dog #5

He was a real people pleaser! His mother, originally from Japan, lives in Prague and she told me that he doesn’t care for dogs, but is always in contact with people. As you can see, he definitely wanted to say hi and treated me like I was an old friend!

Dog #6

He had a one-sided mind! He was on his way to the park for a sniff and didn’t really care about me. I was just lucky that before he could run away, I was able to get this quick photo!

Dog #7

Just kidding! I didn’t see any more dogs on my walk. Instead, I found three crawling baby statues that might be a suggestion of things to come…

As I walked along the river I saw a single swan. As I got closer I realized there were three baby swans with her and two of them were out for a ride! Some pretty smart pants, riding mom while the lone sibling paddled along! Perhaps there is a lesson in this photo for us all. It’s not about hard work, it’s about working smart!

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to check out our new one competition page and vote for all the great photos from dog lovers around the world!

© Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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