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Single Ingredient Dog Chews and Treats from Best Bully Sticks

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Bully Sticks are a single-ingredient dog snack. They last a long time and dogs love them.

Today we’re not just covering bully sticks.

Read on as Charlie and Harley review 3 best Bully Stick products: rabbit bon-bon treats (no longer available), bully sticks and cow hooves.

Best Bully Sticks and Golden Retriever Charlie

UPDATE: This post was originally published on MyDogLikes on April 17, 2016. We recently updated and republished here on

After many ups and downs over the past month, it looks like the weather is finally gearing up for spring.

With weekend temperatures approaching 70° we were even able to fire up the grill!

Although all the people had big smiles on their faces, it was easy to see that the dogs were a little jealous of our feast…

Charlie hopes we drop some food off the grill!

It’s hard to look into those sad puppy eyes and explain why there are no hamburgers or hot dogs for them!

Since our pups were already drooling, we had an idea…

Our friends at Best Bully Sticks recently sent the boys a package of tasty treats to try and share with our readers.

This would be a perfect time to give them their own feast and make them feel included in the festivities!

Come see what grill master Charlie is cooking!

About the best bully sticks

Founded in 2008, Best Bully Sticks is a manufacturer and online retailer of high-quality, all-natural dog treats and chews.

They sell dozens of different products, from bully sticks and jerky to antlers and bones.

We first heard about Best Bully Sticks about a year ago, when the boys fell in love with their Kangaroo Jerky!

When they recently offered to send over a sample of single-ingredient dog snacks and treats, we jumped at the chance.

Single-ingredient treats and chews from Best Bully Sticks

Curious what they sent?

Our special care package was packed with Rabbit Bon Bon treats, bully sticks and cow hooves!

Perfect to keep the dog busy and enjoy our warm weather! Keep reading to see what our boys thought of each treat and chew…

Rabbit Bon Bon Treats (Not available anymore)

We started with the rabbit chocolates because we thought they would make a perfect Hors d’oeuvre.

Rabbit Bon Bon's - Best Bully Stick's Rabbit Treats for Dogs

We’re eager to try them since they come so highly recommended our friend Emma at MyGBGVLife.

Emma and her sister Bailie are well-known rabbit (wabbit) connoisseurs, so we knew they would be tasty.

Rabbit Bon Bons are small cylindrical shaped treats made from 100% wild-caught rabbits.

There are about 30 in each bag and each piece is 3/4 inch in diameter and 1 inch long.

Because they contain no preservatives, it is recommended to store them in the refrigerator or freezer after opening.

The outside of these treats feels almost like a casing, while the inside is dense and crumbly.

Although they are already a great size for a treat, they are also easy to break apart for repeat reward during training!

Both Harley and Charlie seemed to really enjoy the texture and flavor of these Rabbit Bon Bons.

They have a light scent that is not offensive to you, yet very enticing to the dogs.

MyDogLikes Reviews Best Bully Sticks Rabbit Treats for Dogs

Why MyDog Likes Rabbit Bon Bon’s Best Bully Sticks

Are big fans of Single ingredient dog treats, we are very excited to find a new option. Rabbit Bon Bon’s contain only wild rabbit and are completely hormone-free.

They are a great size for a snack, but are also perfect dog training treat to add to our arsenal.

Bully sticks from the best Bully sticks

Next were the Jumbo Bully Sticks, and boy do they mean JUMBO! These things are 12″ long and about 3/4″ in diameter.

We thought they would make the perfect appetizer while the rest of us enjoyed our dinner.

Best Bully Sticks jumbo bully stick is 12 inches long!

As you probably guessed from their namesake, Best Bully Sticks has their Bully Stick act together.

These are the strongest and longest lasting bully sticks we have ever tried.

We took them away after 15-20 minutes as we didn’t want them to eat the whole thing in one go, and they all still had more than half a bully to go!

Bully Sticks for aggressive chewers from Best Bully Sticks

Why MyDog Loves Bully Sticks Best bully sticks

We’ve talked at length about our love of bully sticks in the past, so I’ll try to keep it short…

It was a sad day at our house when we heard about the dangers of rawhide.

Since then we have been experimenting with various natural dog chews in the hope of an adequate replacement.

Bully Sticks are suitable for this because they are 100% digestible, but also perfectly satisfy our dog’s urge to chew.

The quality of these Bully Sticks in particular is unparalleled.

Bully Stick for tough chewers

Best bully sticks cow hooves

Because we were looking for something that could keep the dogs busy for a little longer, we decided to let them try out their new cow hooves.

These hooves come from grass-fed, free-range cattle and are individually packaged. This is a big plus because it keeps any odors inside.

Cow hoof chews for dogs from Best Bully Sticks

Hooves from Best Bully Sticks are thick, heavy duty and about 4-5″ long.

Our boys absolutely loved them and enjoyed gnawing on them for the rest of the evening.

Harley even tried to put him in bed with him that night! Who knows what could happen to that precious treat if left unattended!

I estimate that each hoof net has 12+ hours of chewing time!

Make sure the dogs join in on the grilling fun!

Always supervise

As with any dog ​​chew, you’ll want to provide supervision while your dog enjoys a cow’s hoof.

They are usually sharp and may cause some bleeding from the gums, but don’t be alarmed.

Light bleeding can be a sign that plaque has built up and is now being removed. Obviously, heavy bleeding should be noted and chewing temporarily taken away.

Well chewed cow's hoof

Beloved (chewed) cow hooves

We haven’t had any problems with pieces breaking off of Best Bully Sticks cow hooves, but keep an eye on it just in case.

You don’t want your dog to swallow a large piece.

Finally, we remove them and discard them when the entire hoof is worn down to a size that can potentially be swallowed.

Be prepared for the smell!

One last thing to keep in mind is that the hooves will smell if your dog chews on them.

The smell can be a bit overpowering and reminds me a bit of manure. As you might guess, this only makes your dogs love them more!

Cow hooves make for great, long-lasting dog nibbles

Why MyDog is the most fun to tease cow hooves

Although bones and antlers are extremely long lasting, they pose a serious risk of a shattered or broken tooth.

Hooves come closer to that lifespan than anything else, but they are gentler and safer on the teeth and gums.

Plus the dogs love them!

Harley and Charlie enjoy some Jumbo Bully Sticks

Why MyDog Loves the Best Bully Sticks, Single-Ingredient Dog Chews and Treats

As you can see, everything went fantastic in our latest taste test.

With so much junk on the market, we love that Best Bully Sticks is committed to providing only high-quality and all-natural treats and chews.

Would you like to taste one of these tasty treats?

Which of these treats would your pup enjoy the most?

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One Ingredient Dog Chews and Treats - Golden Retriever Chewing a Bully Stick

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