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RelaxMyDog Is A Surprisingly Simple Way To Soothe Your Pup

Dogs aren’t the only ones who get anxious  – you may already be feeling the heat as a pup parent with a dog who can’t stand fireworks.

Fourth of July comes only once a year, and along with the flags, hot dogs and pool parties come the earth-shaking booms that send our dogs into a frenzy. There are tons of tips online about keeping your dog safe and calm when the Fourth comes, but not all dogs will respond the same. If you’ve already found a method that calms your dog, there’s no reason not to keep it as your go-to. But if you’re still looking for a way to help your dog during the fireworks, or if what worked last year isn’t working this year, you may want to try RelaxMyDog.

RelaxMyDog is TV and music made just for dogs – a super simple way to get your dog’s mind off the chaos going on outside your home. It was created by Ricardo Henriquez and Amman Ahmed when Ricardo was looking for a way to calm his dog, Zuki, who suffered extreme anxiety due to the frequent gun violence in their El Salvador neighborhood. The two experimented with music and created compositions meant to calm anxious pups.

Their music is now used by owners of anxious dogs all the time. You can get it on Apple TV, Roku, Iphone, Android, Fire TV, and subscription-free on YouTube. You can use it if your dog dislikes rides in the car, gets antsy when you’re cleaning your house, or if you need to step out awhile. Many people put on the video below just before they step out of the house so that their dog has something nice and calming to listen to while they’re at work.

Dogs can benefit from the calming music any time of year, but the Fourth is a popular time for pups to tune in. July 5th is often the busiest time of year for shelters because of pups who panicked the night before. The best way to keep your pet safe is by keeping them indoors, and as calm as possible.

Make sure you’re prepared before the fireworks start. Check out this post on 4 Ways to Deal with Your Dog’s 4th of July Fireworks Anxiety, try a Thundershirt (or DIY one!) and bookmark this page to have the streaming video above handy when it starts to get loud outside.

Every purchase feeds 7 shelter dogs!

Try RelaxMyDog with Project Paws® Advanced All-Natural Calming Chews to get an extra calming effect for your dog. These chews are made just for dogs and taste like turkey, so your pup gets a treat as well! Every purchase you make from the iHeartDogs store feeds 7 shelter dogs, and when you order with autoship, you’ll never forget to reorder your pup’s supplements and you’ll get 5% off!

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