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Price for Italian Greyhound: Understanding Costs and Savings

Before bringing an Italian Greyhound into your home, it’s important to consider the cost associated with owning one, hence the title of this blog post “Price for Italian Greyhound”. These elegant and affectionate dogs can make wonderful companions, but their unique characteristics also impact their cost. In this blog post, I’ll explore what you need to know about Italian Greyhound prices and how they compare with other dog breeds.

I will shed light on the average price of an Italian Greyhound puppy from reputable breeders and discuss factors such as coat color, size, and show quality that may influence pricing. Also, I’ll examine the ongoing costs associated with caring for these small dogs – including pet insurance premiums, monthly food expenses, grooming needs, and more. I have also provided a table which summarizes the first-year cost of owning an Italian Greyhound.

Finally, I’ll provide guidance on where to find affordable Italian Greyhounds without compromising on quality or ethics. I will also share tips for saving money on supplies like dog collars or crates while ensuring your new companion has everything they need for a happy life by your side.

Table of Contents:

Owning an Italian Greyhound (First-year Major costs)Annual Price Range (US$)
Puppy$1,200 – $3000
Food$360 – $720
Spaying/Neutering$150 – $400
Grooming$0 – $120
Veterinary care (including medication)$300 – $780
Supplies (bed, toys, collar, food $ water bowls, crate, nail clipper, waste disposal bags, brush)$385 – $600
Insurance$300 – $1,200
Total Cost (1st year)$2,695 – $6,820

Adding an Italian Greyhound to your family? Don’t forget to budget for their unique needs. These elegant and affectionate dogs can be a joy to have around, but they come with specific requirements that may impact your wallet. Let’s dive into the details:

Average Lifespan and Health Concerns

Italian Greyhounds can suffer from certain ailments, such as hip dysplasia and dental issues, though they usually enjoy robust health. Regular veterinary visits are essential, but taking preventive measures can help you save costs in the long run.

Grooming Needs

Good news for low-maintenance dog lovers: Italian Greyhounds have short coats that require minimal upkeep. A quick brush once or twice a week should do the trick. Say goodbye to fur all over your furniture.

Dietary Requirements

Feeding your pup high-quality food formulated for small breeds is essential for their health. This ensures they get all the necessary nutrients without breaking the bank. Your wallet and your pup’s tummy will thank you.

Socialization & Training Needs:

  • Italian Greyhounds are intelligent and trainable, but they need early socialization to prevent shyness or fearfulness around new people and situations.
  • Consistent training is key for this breed, as they can develop a stubborn streak if not properly guided. Consider enrolling in puppy classes or working with a professional trainer to avoid any issues.

Housing & Exercise Needs

Italian Greyhounds are small dogs that adapt well to apartment living, but they still need daily exercise and mental stimulation. A securely fenced yard is ideal, but regular walks at local parks can also do the trick. Interactive toys will keep them entertained indoors.

Weighing up all these elements can help you figure out if the Italian Greyhound is a suitable fit for your financial circumstances. Don’t forget to budget for both initial costs and ongoing care expenses. Is this elegant breed right for your family’s budget? You decide.

Editor’s Note: 

Thinking of getting an Italian Greyhound? Be prepared to budget for their unique needs, including regular vet check-ups and high-quality food. While they are low-maintenance in terms of grooming, consistent training and exercise is key for this intelligent breed.

Average Price of an Italian Greyhound Puppy

So, you’re thinking about getting an Italian Greyhound puppy? Great choice. But before you start dreaming about all the cute Instagram photos you’ll take, let’s talk about the price.

On average, a purebred Italian Greyhound puppy can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. Of course, if you’re looking for a show-quality pup with champion bloodlines, be prepared to shell out even more – sometimes upwards of $5,000 or more. But remember, just because a dog has a fancy pedigree doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a better pet.

For reputable breeders, you can look to the American Kennel Club (AKC) or seek out recommendations from other Italian Greyhound owners through online forums and social media groups. The American Kennel Club is a great resource for finding registered breeders near you. You can also check out breed-specific forums or social media groups to get recommendations from other Italian Greyhound owners.

But whatever you do, avoid pet stores. Those cute puppies in the window often come from puppy mills, which are large-scale breeding operations that prioritize profit over the welfare of their animals. Not cool.

If you’re on a budget, adoption is always an option. You can find Italian Greyhounds up for adoption on sites like Petfinder. Adoption fees typically range from $200 to $500, covering spaying/neutering, vaccinations and other veterinary care needs.

Just remember, the cost of the puppy is just the beginning. Be ready to shell out for food, grooming items, vet visits and beyond – the price tag of a pup is just the start. But trust me, the love and companionship of an Italian Greyhound is worth every penny.

Cost of Caring for an Italian Greyhound

Owning an Italian Greyhound comes with various expenses that you should be aware of before bringing one home. The cost of caring for an Italian Greyhound includes food, grooming, healthcare and other necessary supplies to maintain their health.

Food Expenses

The amount you spend on food will depend on the quality and brand you choose. On average, expect to spend around $30-$60 per month on high-quality dog food for your Italian Greyhound. To save money without compromising nutrition, consider buying in bulk or looking out for sales at pet stores or online retailers.

Grooming Costs

Italian Greyhounds have short coats that require minimal grooming compared to other breeds. However, they still need regular nail trims and dental care to maintain their overall health. You can opt to groom your Italian Greyhound yourself with simple tools or have a professional do it at intervals, costing around $40-$70 per session.

Veterinary Care Expenses & Medication

Your Italian Greyhound will need routine veterinary check-ups as well as vaccinations throughout its life. The cost of these visits varies depending on location but typically ranges from $300-$780 annually (including medication). It is also crucial to budget for unexpected medical emergencies which can range from hundreds up into thousands of dollars depending on the severity.

  • Pet Insurance: Investing in pet insurance can help cover some of these unforeseen expenses by providing financial assistance when needed most (compare plans here). Monthly premiums vary based on coverage, but typically range from $20-$60 for Italian Greyhounds.
  • Spaying/Neutering: This one-time cost ranges between $150-$400 depending on your location and the veterinarian you choose. Spaying or neutering not only helps control pet overpopulation but also provides health benefits to your dog such as reducing the risk of certain cancers.

Additional Supplies and Expenses

Beyond food, grooming, and healthcare costs, there are other essential supplies that you will need to provide a comfortable home for your Italian Greyhound. These include:

  • A crate or bed: $50-$100
  • Collar, leash, and ID tags: $30-$50
  • Toys and treats: $10-$40 per month (depending on how much you spoil them)
  • Puppy training classes (optional): around $100 for a six-week course

In total, expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 annually when caring for an Italian Greyhound, and as I mentioned earlier, the first-year cost of owning your canine companion ranges between $2,695 and $6,820. Keep in mind that these estimates can vary based on individual circumstances such as location or personal preferences regarding brands/products/services used. Don’t let the monetary expenditure dissuade you, for the affection and camaraderie that your little pal will provide is beyond measure.

Editor’s Note: 

Owning an Italian Greyhound comes with expenses such as food, grooming, healthcare, and other essential supplies. The average cost of caring for an Italian Greyhound ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 annually depending on individual circumstances. It is important to budget for these costs but the love and companionship received from your furry friend are priceless.

Where to Find Affordable Italian Greyhounds

Looking for an affordable Italian Greyhound? Don’t fret, there are many ways to find an Italian Greyhound at a reasonable price. Here are some tips on finding reputable breeders and rescues offering affordable Italian Greyhounds.

Reputable Breeders

Buying from a reputable breeder is key when searching for an affordable Italian Greyhound puppy. Avoid backyard breeders and pet stores, as they often have poor breeding practices that can lead to health issues down the line.

  • Research: Start by researching local breeders online and reading reviews from previous customers. This will give you insight into their reputation and experience.
  • Contact: Reach out to potential breeders with questions about their breeding practices, health testing, and pricing options.
  • Visit: Schedule a visit to meet the breeder in person as well as the puppies’ parents if possible. This allows you to assess living conditions firsthand before making any decisions.

Dog Rescues & Adoption Centers

If buying from a breeder isn’t in your budget or preference, consider adopting an Italian Greyhound through rescue organizations or adoption centers. These groups work tirelessly to save dogs of all ages – including purebred breeds – giving them another chance at life in loving homes.

  • Search Online: Websites like Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet allow you to search for Italian Greyhounds available for adoption in your area.
  • Contact Local Shelters: Reach out to local animal shelters or rescue groups, as they may have Italian Greyhounds in their care that are not yet listed online.
  • Breed-Specific Rescues: Look for breed-specific rescues such as the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF), which focuses on rehoming and rehabilitating this specific breed.

Remember, finding an affordable Italian Greyhound takes time and effort. When budgeting, don’t forget to consider the cost of food, grooming and vet bills for your chosen pup. Good luck.

Editor’s Note: 

Looking for an affordable Italian Greyhound? Start by researching reputable breeders and avoid pet stores or backyard breeders. Alternatively, consider adopting from rescue organizations or adoption centers that focus on rehoming and rehabilitating this specific breed. Remember to factor in ongoing expenses such as food, grooming, and veterinary care into your budgeting plans.

Saving Money on Supplies for Your Italian Greyhound

Excited to bring home a new Italian Greyhound? Don’t let the cost of supplies dampen your spirits. Here are some tips to save money without compromising on quality:

Shop Online for Discounts

Online pet stores offer competitive prices and exclusive deals. Sign up for newsletters to stay updated on promotions.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

You don’t always need high-end products. Opt for affordable options like fleece blankets and sturdy nylon leashes. Inexpensive dog toys provide hours of entertainment.

DIY Dog Accessories & Toys

Get creative and make homemade accessories or toys using everyday household items. Check out Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Buy in Bulk & Plan Ahead

Purchasing items like food, treats, and grooming supplies in bulk can save you money over time. Stock up during sales or use coupons to cut costs.

Consider Second-Hand Items

Check out local classifieds websites for gently used options at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Remember to thoroughly clean any second-hand items before introducing them to your Italian Greyhound.

By incorporating these tips into your shopping habits, you can keep costs down while still providing everything your Italian Greyhound needs for a happy and healthy life.

FAQs in Relation to Price for Italian Greyhound

What is the price for Italian Greyhound?

The cost of an Italian Greyhound puppy ranges from $1,200 to $3000 depending on factors like lineage and coat color.

How much does an Italian Greyhound cost?

The average cost of an Italian Greyhound puppy is between $1,200 and $3,000, but adopting from a rescue organization may be more affordable.

What is the size of an Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds are small dogs, typically weighing between 7-14 pounds and standing 13-15 inches tall at the shoulder.

What is the Italian Greyhound’s coat like?

The Italian Greyhound’s coat is short and glossy, and can come in a variety of colors including black, blue, fawn, red, and cream.

What is the Italian Greyhound breed like?

Italian Greyhounds are a loving and affectionate breed, known for their playful and energetic personalities.

Are there any additional costs to owning an Italian Greyhound?

Aside from the initial purchase price, additional costs to consider when owning an Italian Greyhound include monthly expenses like food, grooming supplies, pet insurance, and potentially dog walkers or daycare services.

What is the lifespan of an Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds have a life expectancy of 12-15 years with proper care and regular veterinary checkups.

What is the average price range for an Italian Greyhound?

The average price range for an Italian Greyhound puppy is between $1,200 and $3,000 depending on factors like lineage and coat color.

What are some popular coat colors for Italian Greyhounds?

Popular coat colors for Italian Greyhounds include black, blue, fawn, red, and cream.

What is the best way to care for an adult Italian Greyhound?

Caring for an adult Italian Greyhound involves regular exercise, a healthy diet, and routine grooming to maintain their short coat.

What is the Italian Greyhound’s temperament like?

Italian Greyhounds are known for their affectionate and playful personalities, making them great companions for families and individuals alike.

What is the best pet insurance for Italian Greyhounds?

When choosing pet insurance for your Italian Greyhound, it’s important to research and compare plans from reputable providers like Healthy Paws, Embrace, and Trupanion.

What is the best type of dog collar for an Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds have delicate necks, so it’s important to choose a lightweight and comfortable collar like a martingale or rolled leather collar.

What is the best way to groom an Italian Greyhound?

Grooming an Italian Greyhound involves regular brushing to maintain their short coat, occasional baths, and nail trimming to prevent overgrowth.

What is the Italian Greyhound Club of America?

The Italian Greyhound Club of America is a national organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the breed through education, events, and support for reputable breeders.

What is the difference between Italian Greyhounds and Whippets?

While both breeds are sighthounds and share similar physical characteristics, Whippets are larger and more muscular than Italian Greyhounds.

What is the difference between show dogs and pet Italian Greyhounds?

Show dogs are bred and trained to meet specific breed standards for appearance and temperament, while pet Italian Greyhounds are typically bred for companionship and may not meet those same standards.


Want an Italian Greyhound? Here’s what you need to know about the cost.

Italian Greyhounds can be pricey, but don’t let that deter you from finding your perfect pup.

When shopping for a new pet, consider all factors, including the initial cost of purchasing an Italian Greyhound puppy and ongoing expenses such as food, grooming, and veterinary care.

Research reputable breeders or adoption agencies to find affordable options.

Save money on supplies such as toys and bedding to help offset some of the costs associated with owning an Italian Greyhound.

Remember to prioritize your pet’s health and well-being over cost when making decisions about their care.

Now go find your furry friend!

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