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Part of life is that people are better off than dogs

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Lately I’ve been thinking about optimists versus pessimists, and their diametrically opposite ways of to see the world. The glass half full or half empty phenomenon can be seen in almost everything and everyone in our lives, in the way we see people, places, countries and ultimately the entire world.

I hear more people than ever before pining for the world that “used to be,” and I can understand that. I also miss some parts, for example the freedom to move and travel without restrictions, because 2020 has been such a challenging year in that regard.

But even before COVID, there was a negative and a positive aspect to everything. In other words, the ultimate outcome of how we live and view the world depends solely on our choices. For for example, sSome people love New York City, while others find it too busy, and a messy concrete jungle.

Some dog lovers love it German Shepherds, while others prefer Chihuahuas, Labs, Border Collies or ………….. (fill in to your heart’s content desire😉). Some people prefer female dogs, others prefer males. In other words, there are over seven billion opinions in the world about anything and everything, and these opinions depend on people’s perceptions and ultimately on the choices they make.

The same also applies to how we seeing people and interpersonal relationships. Sometimes we get along easily with someone else, and other times it feels more like an interaction of oil and water. I’m sure you know what I mean. There are people we love, and others we don’t so much, and that’s purely because our busy little minds make a choice.

This is how we decide whether or not we like public figures, colleagues and family. And how we behave in their presence.

Every day we make many choices about how we perceive things, and that means that WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE.

This reminds me of a very funny story from my veterinary anatomy class with Professor Dr. Najbrt, who said: “If you close your eyes and use your imagination, even shit can smell like pepperoni!”

Try it and see next time you pick up your best friend 😆.

This also means we can choose how we view pet food companies. Are these evil, money-driven entities incapable of making healthy pet food, or the crème de la crème of scientific nutrition?

In the grand scheme of things, an opinion wouldn’t matter much if it didn’t lead to decision making for our helpless dogs, and this is the key difference.

Most people have the luxury of a choice, and while sSome dogs are happy enough to have a good life and others less so, they cannot choose which food and supplements they receive and which treatments they receive. That’s why my team and I love our work. We hope that with any luck we will help you make the best decisions for your dogs, and help your friends do the same by sharing Article and tell them about mine supplements and products.

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© Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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