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Not Ready To Go Raw? Try A Vet-Approved Homemade Pet Food Diet

If you’ve seen the eye-opening documentary Pet fooled on Netflix you might wonder what now? Although the film shines a less than flattering spotlight on the American pet food industry, it leaves viewers with few practical solutions for healthy eating.

The veterinarians mentioned are definitely leaning toward a raw, biologically appropriate feeding protocol, but they also recognize that raw diets are not yet considered safe by the AVMA.

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If you’re not ready to make the leap to raw feeding but want to break away from the processed kibble offered by the big five pet food conglomerates, consider a home-cooked diet!

From obesity and allergies to diabetes, cancer and fatal reactions, many veterinarians believe that diet is directly responsible for the majority of the conditions they treat every day. In response, they hesitate to recommend commercial pet food and instead endorse natural and whole food diets.

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My personal vet recommends the Original CrockPet DietT.M for her healthy dog ​​and cat patients, but your veterinarian can help you determine the perfect prescription for your pet’s individual needs.

It may sound time-consuming and expensive, but fresh, healthy food can save you on trips to the pet store and vet bills. Some of the many benefits of homemade dog and cat food include:

  • You control precisely what goes into your pets’ bodies

  • Meets their nutritional needs – nothing more, nothing less

  • Prevents exposure to additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients

  • Eliminates unnecessary and low quality fillers such as corn and soy

  • Helps control your pets’ weight, blood sugar levels, kidney function, intestinal flora, skin conditions, etc.

  • This avoids the stress and danger of commercial pet food recalls

  • Improves overall health and potentially extends the life of pets

  • Best of all: her Love It!

Check Pet fooledI decided to try a version of The CrockPet Diet with my three older dogs. The photo above is my own vet-recommended concoction of chicken, beef, pork, kale, sweet potatoes, green beans, kidney beans, turmeric, ground mustard, coconut oil, calcium tablets and garlic. (Some sources say the proper use of garlic can be beneficial for dogs.) I decided to skip the rice because my dogs are grain free.

As you can see, they are quite excited about their new home-cooked food!

If you’re ready to start cooking for your own pets, consult your vet. He or she can help you decide on the best individualized recipe for your pet’s unique needs, or refer you to a veterinary nutritionist.

Here are a few tips to make cooking at home easier and safer:

  • Never change your pet’s diet before consulting your veterinarian

  • Follow the 40% protein/50% vegetables/10% starch rule for dogs unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian. Cats are true carnivores and need at least 60 to 80% protein in their diet

  • Use fresh, high-quality ingredients as much as possible

  • Avoid foods known to be dangerous to dogs and cats

  • Follow the recipe carefully and completely to ensure proper nutrition

  • Consider pureeing the finished product with a food processor or hand mixer to ensure the ingredients are well mixed and evenly distributed. Cats also prefer the smoother texture

  • Never feed too much! Homemade food is very dense and concentrated. Overfeeding can lead to stomach upset, illness or even fatal bloating

  • Prepare food in large quantities and freeze excess portions for future use

dog that eats best raw food

Best Raw Dog Food Delivery

If you’re not ready to prepare all the food for your dog at home, there are numerous home delivery services, but choosing the right one for your dog can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best Raw Dog Food companies for you.

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