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Learn Why Practicing Your Dog’s Training Skills At Home Is A Must

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Isn’t it a joy to watch your furry friend master a new trick or command? That wagging tail and excited look speak volumes about their performance and your training skills. But before you show off his new skills at the park or in a busy cafe, practice your pup’s new skills at home.

Whether it’s sitting, lying down, shaking hands or another helpful trick, the more your dog practices in the familiarity of home, the more confident he will become with the command. Practice their skills in the living room, kitchen, driveway and even the bathroom before showing them off in public. And even if your dog knows his catalog of commands like a pro, it’s still a good idea to continue the practice, and what better place than at home.

Why your dog should practice his training at home

Here’s why it’s wise to practice training your dog at home before showing:

  • Increases confidence: A familiar space helps your dog perform the trick without distractions.
  • Safety first: Making sure they don’t bolt away unexpectedly is crucial, especially with commands like “come”.
  • Deepens your bond: Quiet moments together strengthen the special bond between the two of you.
  • Quick corrections: Detecting and correcting errors is easier in a controlled environment.
  • Success motivation: Success in a calm environment paves the way for more challenging situations.
  • Reduces anxiety: Mastering a skill at home helps them feel comfortable before facing the busy outside world.

And to make the training even more successful, you can watch this instructional video SpiritDog training about practicing skills in and around the house!

Remember: start simple and then add the sizzle! Let your dog be the superstar he is destined to be, starting with a solid foundation at home. For more information about dog training, visit SpiritDog Training’s online courses and see what a well-mannered dog your puppy becomes.

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