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Learn How Recall Training Can Work For Every Dog No Matter Their Breed Or Stubborness

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Recall training for dogs is essentially teaching your dog to come to you when you call him. It is one of the most important and useful commands a dog can learn. The recall command is useful in a variety of situations, from simple everyday tasks to potentially life-saving situations. Imagine your dog running away chasing a squirrel while you are walking in the park. If you can quickly and reliably recall your dog, you can prevent him from running into traffic, getting lost, or encountering other dangers.

Still, many dog ​​parents worry about having a dog that can’t be trained to come when called. But don’t be afraid! To leave SpiritDog training trainer Steffi Trott explains how memory training can be a success with any dog.

No matter what, your dog can also learn memory skills

I get a lot of emails about it SpiritDog’s Recall Expert Course. Many of them ask if it is suitable for specific dogs. Here are some thoughts and answers to the questions I see most often.

My dog ​​is stubborn, will this work?

Some dogs are born with a great ‘will to please’. Others mainly want to have fun, regardless of what people think. 😉

If your dog belongs to the second group, we can still teach him great memories! The secret to a solid recall is not to think of it as a “command for the dog to obey.” Instead, we teach recall through a game-based system that makes your dog want to come. Our step-by-step approach will show your dog that nothing is as fun and rewarding as coming to us when we call. After all, who doesn’t like treats for a job well done?

My dog’s breed is not very trainable. Can they learn to come when called?

No breed is “too stubborn” to learn to come when called, and to illustrate this we will cover some less traditional breeds in this course. You can watch us demonstrate recalls with a Beagle, a Borzoi and a Silken Windhound! They are among the professional trainers of our training team who can help you with many tips and tricks for working with special breeds.

So absolutely, us And you can teach it to your dog, regardless of its breed.

My dog ​​has had difficulty coming when called for a long time. Is it too late to try a course?

It’s never too late to change things with training!😀 We created this course to teach recall step by step from the basics, just as it is needed for dogs who have ignored their recalls for a long time.

The only adjustment I would recommend is to choose a new reminder cue, as it is a lot easier to start over than to retrain an existing cue that your dog is ignoring. In the course I explain in detail how to do this and ensure that your dog never ignores this next signal!

My dog ​​is not food motivated. Does this course use food?

Depending on your dog’s interests, you can use food and/or toy rewards during the course. We also have a special bonus for the picky dogs, The Hungry Hound Handbook: Unleashing Your Dog’s Food Drive, as one of our two treats and food eBooks. So far we have been able to help every student achieve lower food prices.

SpiritDog loves them all

SpiritDog loves all dogs and watches them succeed. They have designed this course for dogs of all ages, breeds and prior training. So, are you ready to turn your dog into a recall superstar?

Start your dog recall today with SpiritDog Training!

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