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Is your dog’s health in your hands?

A conversation between two holistic veterinarians

A year ago I recorded a fun and informative interview with my friend and Austrian colleague, Dr. Eva Furnschuss.

Our friendship dates back to 2006, when Eva, who had just graduated, came to work in my clinic for a year to experience drug-free naturopathy and homeopathy in practice. Since then, Eva has built a thriving private holistic practice in Graz, Austria.

As you will see in the video, our friendship and connection are undeniable, and we are both amazed at how parallel our lives seem to be. Eva’s grandmother was a herbalist and so was my grandfather, and there are many more similarities we discovered during our conversation.

There are some parts of our chat that you may find most interesting and valuable understanding the energy of disease, and how your decisions and treatment choices can greatly influence treatment outcomes. We also talk in detail about why we use prescription drugs as a last resort and the fact that most medications mask the symptoms and drive the disease deeper, especially when it comes to chronic diseases.

All you have to do is click play below. If you like what you see and hear, please share this piece with your friends. Thank you!

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