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How to Survive and Thrive in 2021

Will good ultimately overcome evil?

It has become very clear that despite our hopes and ambitions for 2021, the world continues to move on. Countries are going deeper and deeper into debt, and many people are becoming frustrated and depressed.

But before you throw up your hands and say there’s nothing you can do, I bet you can feel better than most people by making a few adjustments in your life.

As COVID news continues to dominate the media space, I am quite surprised at the lack of interest in cheap and effective methods to get our lives back on track. It is very possible that many people already have antibodies, and the easiest way to find out is to do a simple COVID antibody titer test, in the same way we can test dogs for rabies, distemper or parvovirus titer.

If I were in charge, I would test everyone to determine who is immune, and these people, in addition to those who chose to be vaccinated, would be able to continue with their normal lives. Wouldn’t that make sense?

More about antibody testing

As I mentioned, antibody level testing is a common practice in pets, and they are part of my research safer vaccination protocol. Such tests are so reliable that Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia use them to import animals into these rabies-free areas.

Naturally, this begs the question, Why aren’t antibody tests widely used for COVID-19?

One reason could be that government officials do not have sufficient insight into what can be done, which is confusing because most of them have well-trained experts on their advisory boards.

The other possibility is that vaccine companies, interested in maximizing profits, are deliberately keeping quiet about antibody testing because if part of the population were immune, their sales would be significantly reduced. 🤔

This suspicion is shaped by my experience with dog vaccine manufacturers who recommended unnecessary annual vaccines for decades until they could no longer cover up the fact that dogs remain immune to most common diseases well into old age.

A drug that could prevent or reduce the severity of COVID?

Information is also coming in from research in Europe showing that a cheap and safe drug ‘Ivermectin’, originally a dewormer, appears to be effective in preventing or reducing the symptoms of COVID-19.

Some European governments have already allowed this drug protocol to be used against COVID-19, and what surprises me is that the North American media is not mentioning this at all.

What choices do we have?

My approach to this confusing state of the world is to base my decisions on what makes sense, and avoid as much nonsense as possible. This also applies to nonsensical propaganda or unfounded conspiracy theories. Usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

A NEW QUICK is another effective way to keep your spirits up. I tried this last year and felt great, but gradually went back to listening and watching more news, which made it impossible to feel positive.

Last month I put myself on a complete news feed again. Instead, I listened to interesting podcasts, or listened to books, and watched older comedy episodes of Tracy Ullman. I’ve embedded a few funny videos below to share with you.

I also like to learn new things! It is a remedy to counteract the consequences of these difficult times. I recently took a photo editing and creative writing class, and I also purchased a membership to online fitness classes.

As I write these lines and think of you and your dogs, I feel connected, no matter the distance between us. We’re lucky because we know the best ways to keep our spirits high, and that’s by having dogs and other animal friends in our lives.

Let us be hopeful, because this too shall pass, as everything eventually does.

Be careful and give your dog a hug from me.

Listen to my podcast on this topic here.

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