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How to create a healthier life for your dog

Why I Love Being an ‘Undercover’ Cop // The ‘Secret Sauce’ to a Fulfilling Life

One of the best things about my life is taking dog walks and getting the chance to meet dogs and their people ‘incognito’. In fact, the closest people in my life know and respect that I do not want them to reveal that I am a veterinarian unless I choose to do so.

Being ‘undercover’ gives me a unique opportunity to gain insight into how people think and what they are challenged by. I’ve learned that dog lovers are more likely to be wary and less open to suggestions when talking to a vet.

One of the funniest examples of this is when I completely failed to convince my friends to feed their dog raw food, while all it took for the “magazine store lady” was one quick conversation from behind the counter. I think we are genetically programmed to follow sound, well-intentioned advice and learn from our mistakes, otherwise life would be too easy!

In support of this theory, I would like to refer to an interesting article in which people were divided into three groups, which can also be seen as life stages:

  1. Those who have goals and dreams but never achieve thembecause they don’t understand that achieving dreams is the result of countless trials and errors, falling on our faces and getting back up again and again.
  2. The second group of people achieve their goals and dreams, but unknowingly sabotage them. For example, some people keep switching houses in search of the perfect home, rather than renovating and gradually improving one house. Another example is that of couples who choose to divorce their loyal, loving and caring partners because they are not perfect and do not fit into the Disney-esque ‘fairy tale’ they have created. To be honest, we all have a strange tendency to sabotage certain parts of our lives, and so do I! We notice this in others, but it is much more difficult to catch ourselves in the act.
  3. People in the third group are rarely lucky enough to skip the previous two stages. Instead, they were lucky to get through it and now want to help others learn to do the same. Unfortunately, they often encounter resistance from people who are in the thrall of self-sabotage.

I know from personal experience that making mistakes or falling victim to unfortunate circumstances is a big part of becoming a stronger, more compassionate, and caring person.

Knowing what it feels like to suffer often leads to finding purpose in life and a desire to help others create purposeful and happy lives.

I hid the life I had created, often downplaying my successes, but also not speaking out about my failures. I did that mainly because I was afraid of people’s criticism and jealousy, or because I didn’t want others to feel bad when life was playing tricks on them. What I forgot was that it didn’t benefit anyone to make myself ‘smaller’.

The fear of being criticized also had a profound effect on the early years of my veterinary career. I saw that many treatment protocols of conventional medicine were not working, but I was afraid to say it out loud for fear of being criticized. Thinking differently means taking the risk of being excluded or ridiculed, and we are genetically programmed to want to belong to ‘the tribe’.

Ultimately, I put my fear aside and began sharing what I had learned and developed an effective natural healing system that I have been sharing with open-minded dog lovers for over 20 years. I never looked back.

A summary of this system is recorded in the Health and Longevity Coursewhich is completely free and available now.

Success in health is no different than success in life. It’s about repetition and continuous learning to achieve reliable and repeatable results. Keeping your dog healthy requires focus, courage, an open mind and trusting your own judgment.

Today you have a unique opportunity to receive some of my free Health and Longevity Course every day for the next 16 days. In this course I share the information and knowledge I have applied to keep my patients, and my own dog Pax, healthy.

Register for the Healthy and long life course now and receive the e-book ‘The gift of extra time’ with photography and health tips as a bonus gift.

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