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How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Puppy?

Toilet training is one of the first things you’ll do with your new puppy, and it’s a process that requires a lot of patience and consistency.

When it comes to how long it takes, there isn’t one answer that fits all. Although most dogs can be potty trained quite reliably within a few weeks, your pup will likely still have the occasional accident during the first year.

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer when it comes to how long it takes to potty train a puppy, as most of it depends on the training method you choose.

The good news is that if you use consistent potty training, it should only take a few weeks for your puppy to be mostly potty trained.

I say this mainly because it’s important to be realistic and understand that accidents will still happen in the first few months, even if your pup understands potty training quite well.

If you want to potty train your dog quickly, the tips below can help you get your pup on the right track.

Tips for potty training your puppy

When it comes to potty training, remember two things; Consistency and prevention are the key words.

The sooner you teach your dog that going outside is the best thing he can do, the sooner he will realize that he has to do his job outside.

Make sure there is someone nearby to supervise the first two weeks

Puppies can’t hold their bladders for long periods of time, so having someone around to walk them for the first two weeks will help tremendously when it comes to training.

And when it comes to teaching them that prevention is key. It’s much easier to train a dog to go potty outside by praising him like crazy when he does, than to try to prevent it by punishing him when he has an accident indoors.

By having someone around to take him outside often for the first week or two, you can immediately teach your dog that I need to pee outside.

Easier said than done, I know, but by being consistent and praising your dog like crazy every time they pee or poop outside, they will quickly notice that outside is the bathroom.

Tip: Consider using a long leash or chain to assist with supervision during that first week.

Don’t rely on punishment if they have an accident indoors

One thing you should avoid when potty training your puppy is relying on punishment and expecting your dog to understand what you want.

Sure, your dog will feel bad if you yell at him for peeing inside, but that doesn’t mean he’ll understand what he should have done instead unless you show him.

If you catch your dog in the act, you can take him outside and praise him like crazy when he finishes the job outside.

Keep a consistent schedule for your puppy

Another tip to help with toilet training is to be consistent with their schedule.

Not only will it help your pup learn what is expected of him, but it will also make your potty training easier because you will know when he needs potty breaks throughout the day.

Good times to take your dog outside for a potty break include:

  • In the morning when they wake up
  • After they eat
  • After a walk or play session
  • After they get up from a nap
  • Before bedtime

After guiding them for a few days, you’ll get a pretty good idea of ​​how often your dog needs to pee and poop each day, and what signals he starts to show when he needs to go outside, such as sniffing, barking, or circling.

Make it a party every time they pee or poop outside

Your neighbors may start to think you’re crazy, but it’s important to praise your dog like crazy every time he pees or poops outside if you want him to repeat the behavior.

Tell them how good they are and have a short play session to show how happy you are. Teach them that going potty outside means celebrating.

Make sure that you effectively clean all the places where they have had an accident indoors

Since accidents are inevitable, make sure you get a decent one Enyzmatic pet odor cleaner to prevent them from disappearing into the same place again and again.

If the accident spot isn’t cleaned effectively, those odors will remain, signaling to your puppy that it’s a good bathroom spot.

Remember, accidents will happen

It’s important to remember that accidents can happen, especially in the first few weeks, and it’s all part of the normal housebreaking process.

Don’t get discouraged, just keep working on the potty training process and your pup will be potty trained soon enough.

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