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How do you make homemade dehydrated dog food?

A healthy way to travel with dogs

Today I am writing on the train with sweet little Pax at my feet, sleeping wonderfully after doing a few errands in Prague. You may be wondering why I don’t take the North American approach to driving; Taking trains in Europe is easy and again, dog friendly! I know I keep saying how dog friendly the EU is in general, but there is also the other side of the coin.

We were supposed to be back home in Vancouver on Thursday. Unfortunately, British Airways made a mistake with one of the documents we needed to enter the UK transit area and despite Pax being confirmed two weeks earlier, we were not allowed to fly. It was quite stressful, except as you can see in this photo, he was just being his happy self!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in previous newsletters, but my mother has been in the hospital for over three weeks and is finally making some recovery. It’s been hard on her and the family too, and Pax has done a great job of cheering everyone up, including my mother. I do have a photo of him in the hospital, but out of courtesy to my mother I won’t post it this time. Imagine: Pax hanging from her bed, sweet as ever! 😇

Fortunately, Pax is a healthy horse; grow incredibly fast. His coat is soft and shiny and in terms of energy his body feels woody, very balanced. Of course I am very happy, because Pax is my first puppy that I started with us Essentials. (Skai was born before I formulated the products).

We still receive many questions from newcomers to our community which supplements Pax gets and what I feed him. He is mainly fed raw, sometimes cooked, and given homemade meat and dried vegetarian treats. As far as supplements go, I believe that good whole food based supplements are the same for puppies, adult dogs and seniors, the same way nature does. I give him these four like Skai used to get:

Fab 4 Essential Daily Supplements for Dogs by Dr.  Peter Dobias

  1. FeelGoodOmega 3 oil for healthy skin, coat, joint and nerve development
  2. GreenMin – an essential amino acid and plant mineral supplement
  3. GutSense – a dairy-free probiotic specially formulated for dogs to support digestion and the immune system
  4. SoulFood – a certified organic multivitamin (BIO) and organ support

I hope that by the time you read these lines, Pax will be roaming “Skai’s grounds” in Vancouver. I can’t wait for him to smell the fresh Canadian forest air! 🌲 In the meantime, I recorded a video about making dehydrated dog food. I bought a small food dehydrator, cut up some slices of meat and veggies and within a few hours I had the perfect travel meal for Pax, made from organic turkey, cooked pumpkin and lettuce! (no additions, no BS! 🤓)

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