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Diarrhea in dogs and raw food diets

Dr. Judy Morgan and Dr. Peter Dobias discuss the causes of diarrhea in dogs and the importance of a raw diet for dogs

As you get older, whether it’s two-legged kids or four-legged furry kids, their number 2s seem to become a big part of life.

Our digestive system is part of a much bigger picture than just processing food and nutrients. In fact, 80% of the immune system’s function is in the gut. This means that your dog’s digestion and the nutrition you provide are directly related to his or her disease and resistance to cancer, and that’s a big deal!

In this interview below, my colleague, Dr. Judy Morgan, and I cover gut health, diarrhea, raw diets, common misconceptions and what you can do about your dog’s digestive problems. To enjoy!

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