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Can dogs eat strawberries? –Dr. Dobias Natural healing

Can dogs eat strawberries or should you come up with another sweet treat for your pup?

If you enjoy sharing healthy snacks with your best friend like I do with my dog ​​Pax, you’re probably wondering which fruits are safe for dogs and which ones are poisonous.

While strawberries can be a delicious, nutritional addition to a dog’s meal, there are several do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind before feeding them to your pup.

So if you want to learn more about the health benefits of strawberries, how to safely feed them to your dog, and which strawberry dog ​​treats to avoid, you’ve come to the right place.

Are strawberries good for dogs?

The answer is yes, strawberries are non-toxic and healthy for dogs when eaten in moderation. You can feed your dogs strawberries as a health-promoting snack because they are low in calories and rich in essential nutrients.

Although strawberries are safe for dogs, it is important to recognize that they are one of the most commonly sprayed fruits. That’s why I recommend choosing locally grown organic fruit or growing your own as much as possible.

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but British Columbia, Canada, where I have lived for over 30 years, has the most delicious summer strawberries I have ever eaten, so sharing them with my dog ​​Pax is totally out of the question. of the question! Sometimes he eats them fresh, but he also likes them as a frozen summer treat to cool down.

Benefits of strawberries for dogs

Strawberries are packed with vitamins and minerals, some omega-3 fatty acids such as ALA, antioxidants and fiber that help strengthen the immune system and promote optimal organ and digestive function.

Here’s more information about the nutrients in strawberries and how they can improve overall health:

  • Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system, protects the body from free radical damage and reduces inflammation.
  • Folic acid (vitamin B): Promotes normal cell growth and regeneration and aids in healthy organ development.
  • Potassium: Helps regulate blood pressure and balances electrolytes.
  • Magnesium: Protects brain and heart health, regulates blood sugar levels and maintains healthy bones.
  • Fiber: Feeds the friendly intestinal bacteria and supports healthy digestion and regular bowel movements.

How to Feed Strawberries to Your Dog

In general, I recommend feeding your dog small amounts of fruit – up to 5 percent of their daily diet – since dogs in nature usually only eat a limited amount of fruit.

When feeding your dog strawberries, make sure you wash them thoroughly to remove dirt and pesticides. You can do theM whole, blended into a smoothie or cut into pieces, depending on your dog’s preference.

I prefer to feed strawberries at least 1 hour before or 3 hours after feeding Pax a protein meal. Proteins take much longer to digest than fruitsKeeping the two separate when feeding your dog can help prevent digestive problems.

Always remove the leaves and stems from the fruit before serving it to your pup. Although strawberry leaves are not poisonous to dogs, they can cause stomach upset if ingested. However, I doubt many dogs would like them at all.

Caution: Conventional strawberries are one of the most pesticide-treated fruits. Preferably buy organic strawberries and if you feed conventional strawberries, feed them only occasionally.

Are Canned Strawberries Bad for Dogs?

Dogs or people generally doNT benefit from canned strawberries because they contain high amounts of sugar or even artificial sweeteners xylitolwhich is highly toxic to dogs.

In addition, canned fruit is contaminated with chemicals from the inner coating of the cans, and processing at high temperatures affects the nutritional and vitamin value of strawberries.

If you want to give your dog a healthy fruit treat, stick to fresh or frozen organic strawberries. Speaking of treats, here are some fun and easy recipes for homemade dog treats that you can try.

Top dog treats you can make with strawberries

Strawberries can easily be added to your favorite fruit smoothie for dogs for a refreshing summer treat.

Would you like to prepare a healthy strawberry snack for your dog? Here’s a simple recipe that you can make in no time:

Can Strawberries Cause Health Problems in Dogs?

If your dog likes strawberries, I wouldNT recommend making up more than 5% of their daily diet.

Although there are many healthy nutrients in strawberries, dogs can still be allergic. If your dog develops symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, itching, hives and swelling shortly after eating strawberries, stop feeding it to your dog and consult your vet if symptoms persist.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What fruits can’t dogs eat?
    Grapes/raisins, black and red currants and grapefruits are poisonous to dogs and should be avoided. Even though dogs can eat cherries, be sure to remove the pit as it contains cyanide.
  • How many strawberries can I give my dog?
    If you want to feed strawberries to your dog, you should adjust the amount of fruit according to its size. Start with just a few pieces of fresh or frozen strawberries and see how your dog’s stomach reacts.

    For small dogs I recommend a few strawberries a day. For medium and large dogs you can dispense with tO 10 strawberries per day. However, remember that non-organic strawberries are one of the most pesticide-treated fruits.

  • Which dogs can’t eat strawberries?

    The only contraindication is if your dog is allergic to strawberries or shows symptoms of digestive upset after eating them.

  • Can dogs eat frozen strawberries?
    Yes, dogs can safely eat strawberries, both fresh and frozen. Frozen strawberries can be fed whole or cut into bite-sized pieces if your dog has a tendency to gobble food.
  • Are There Poisonous Parts of Strawberries Dogs Should Avoid?
    No, although it is recommended to remove the stems and leaves from strawberries before feeding them to your dog, they are not poisonous. However, if eaten, they can cause stomach problems in your pup.

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