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A survival story to inspire you

How raw bones for dogs, ants and a washing machine motivated me to look on the bright side

My dog ​​Pax loves to chew on bones and I use them to give him something to do, especially when I’m busy working (read more about the best raw bones to feed your dogs here). But bones are messy, especially because dogs like to drag them across the carpet and onto the couch.🥴 I solved this problem by teaching Pax to chew his raw bones on a towel, and when he’s done I immediately put the towel in the wash to prevent an army of ants from infesting him.

Unfortunately, I recently had a human moment and forgot to put the towel away, which led to an army of ants quickly moving into the territory. When I discovered them, I first poured ash on my head and slapped myself for being negligent (just kidding 😉), and then shook off the towel and put it in the washing machine.

When the wash cycle was done, I was shocked! The ants were still alive!

I felt bad because I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how horrible that must have been for them, spinning around in a washing machine filled with soapy water!

I know I could just put the towel in the dryer and spin them again, but call me crazy, I just couldn’t do that. Instead, I took the towel and hung it outside, giving the ants a “pardon” for illegally entering Pax’s property.

This ant story made me think about our own ability to survive. It seems that people from impoverished and war-torn areas, who regularly face difficult living conditions, are generally braver and more resilient than people from the so-called ‘developed world’, who suffer from endless mental health problems, anxiety, food intolerances, allergies and other ills of modern civilization.

It would be unfair to say that such suffering is not real, of course it is! I just wonder if having a more comfortable and smooth life makes people less resilient than those who live in poorer parts of the world.

It almost seems like mental toughness and physical activity are similar. Without exercise and training, mental or physical abilities decline.

In fact, research has confirmed that healthy levels of stress activate the body’s survival mechanisms, as well as the so-called SIRT2 genes that support longevity. It can be similar to regularly exposing our bodies to cold water to reduce the tendency to feel cold.

In light of the above, I often wonder whether the efforts of many people to protect their dogs or children from any kind of discomfort makes them more vulnerable and less able to thrive in difficult life situations? I’m not talking about withdrawing from love and security. I’m talking about not always giving in when our dogs or children whine.

To summarize: To survive and thrive, stress and comfort must go hand in hand, and one extreme is not good.

Over the past year, we have all been thrown into the proverbial pandemic centrifuge of discomfort. One of my antidotes to low feelings is listening to podcasts and watching biographies and documentaries about inspiring people. One play I would like to recommend is called ‘Audrey’, about actress Audrey Hepburn, who said that we have only two choices: we can hate life, or love life – and she consciously decided to love it.

Now some good news!

In addition to GreenMin for dogs, GreenMin H+ will be available for people from spring 2021.

If you’ve never heard of it GreenMinI consider it the most important essential supplement for dogs. It is a source of full-spectrum plant minerals, which are much more bioavailable and effective than, for example, ground rock.

Minerals cannot be produced by the body and must be supplied through the diet to meet demand. Unfortunately, intensive agriculture and food transport have been interrupted the nutrient cycle and minerals do not return to the soil.

I consider mineral deficiencies to be one of the leading causes of disease. Let me give you a simple explanation. Most people understand that plants in the garden would not grow if certain minerals were missing. Without phosphorus, strawberries or tomatoes would not flower or produce fruit.

But somehow the health care system has still not fully recognized that depleted food leads to cell and organ dysfunction and disease. A malnourished and underperforming tomato plant is relatively easy to spot, but a nutrient-deficient body is harder to detect until it’s too late.

The key to replenishing minerals is to provide them in the most digestible form, which is why I chose Alga Calcarea GreenMin, my mineral supplement for dogs. This certified organic algae from Brazil has evolved to absorb minerals from the ocean and deposit them in its roots, which grow heavy and anchor them to the ocean floor.

This amazing plant was first discovered by farmers who fed Alga Calcarea to farm animals and witnessed an amazing transformation. The animals were stronger and sick less often, which makes sense because 37 billion chemical reactions take place in the body every second and essential minerals are crucial for good health.

Since then, Alga Calcarea has been used to treat osteoporosis in humans, but also in GreenMin for dogs since 2012 as an essential health supplement. If you would like to read what other dog lovers have to say, or try GreenMin for your dog, click here.

© Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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