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5 Tips For Pups Who Hate Dog Dental Care

What’s the problem with dental care for dogs?

The president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Dr. Ted Cohn, stated that although daily tooth brushing is recommended for the best dental care for dogs, only about 2 percent of dog owners actually do so.

The most common reasons people don’t brush their dog’s teeth:

  • My dog ​​hates it and fights or argues.
  • I don’t have time for it.
  • They get kibble, dog biscuits and/or a chew toy so they don’t have to brush.

And now the reality of these statements:

  • You can slowly teach a dog to accept and even enjoy oral care.
  • You can make time for it if it means saving your dog’s life is important.
  • Expecting a true cleaning from anything other than a specific dental product is not a reality. It’s like eating pretzels and expecting them to brush our teeth.

Periodontal disease can develop into a number of more serious problems. A friend of ours had a Yorkie who developed mouth cancer. They didn’t implement a dental plan and ended up with a broken heart and high vet bills. Most crushingly, these problems could be prevented with intentional care.

Dental hygiene at home can make a huge difference in your dog’s comfort and health. There are several home care dental hygiene options available. Anything you can do to help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar will reap great benefits.

What’s the alternative: what happens if this is neglected?

Once dental problems escalate to the point where action needs to be taken, a dental cleaning at the vet is usually scheduled. Dental cleanings are expensive and not everyone has the resources to do them. Some pets also cannot be anesthetized for various reasons and any time an animal is submerged there are risks involved.

So…let’s talk about preventive maintenance 🙂 With a good plan you increase your puppy’s quality of life. It’s not difficult – it just takes consistency and patience when developing a dental care routine for dogs.

1. Warm them up for a canine dental care routine/practice.

If you haven’t cleaned (brushed, wiped, sprayed, etc.) your dog’s teeth before he becomes uncomfortable with them. Some push more than others. The key is to make the experience enjoyable. Start by simply setting a time (every day or every other day) to spend a few minutes opening your pup’s mouth and touching his teeth. No cleaning – just let them get used to your presence and handle them when you’re done.

Dogs will become very wise to allowing you to touch their teeth and get a treat. Some things get better quite quickly, while others take a while. Try to do this for a few weeks before actually cleaning them.

2. Choose a good dog toothpaste and toothbrush (not human).

You need a toothpaste and toothbrush made specifically for dogs. DO NOT give them human toothpaste as it can make them sick or cause reactions. The good news is that most pet stores have flavors that your dog will love – liver, beef, etc. It makes it more of a treated experience. Check your local store or the iHeartDogs Store section for dog dental care!

3. Dental care for dogs takes time.

Start on one side first at a comfortable pace. Don’t brush too fast or too hard. Take it easy. A trick is to brush one side, give them a treat and then brush the other side, followed by a treat. It also gives them something to look forward to and over time it becomes something they look forward to too.

4. Offer dental sticks as part of your dog’s dental care plan

Brushing your dog’s teeth at regular intervals is super important because the contact and friction remove plaque and other particles. Alternating between brushing and other dental products (such as toothpicks) is also an option. Tooth sticks are made with a consistency that is optimal for chewing and removing particles from dog teeth. Your dental health plan will depend 100% on your dog and his specific hygiene. If you can trade a toothpick for a treat, you can win all day long.

( offers a toothpick that is not only great for teeth, but also contains probiotics important for good gut health. You can read more here.)

5. Adding dental spray and dental wipes can go a long way in keeping up with your dog’s dental care routine.

Think of them as an improved “top-off”. These products ensure optimal cleanliness and are super easy to administer. Because of the extra impact these products can have, their popularity is increasing and with it healthier dog teeth 🙂

Project Paws offers both products and you can see more here.

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