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3 Tips for Making Ear Cleanings More Enjoyable for Your Dog

Regular ear cleanings are important to keep your dog’s ear health in top shape. Ear infections are relatively common in dogs and although they are caused for a variety of reasons, veterinarians emphasize that regular cleanings at home can prevent infections. But just like cutting nails, many dogs are uncooperative when it comes to washing their ears. So how can you make it more fun for both of you? Check out these tips.

#1 – Treats – Lots of them!

Just as you teach a dog everything, using treats can make the ear cleaning experience much more enjoyable for your dog. Choose your pup’s favorite snacks and start with the basics. Instead of just throwing in cleaning solution and rubbing it away, start by teaching your dog to feel comfortable just holding and moving his or her ears. If you can do this, practice gently inserting a cotton ball or ear tissue into the ear. Then you can add whatever cleaning agent you want to use. Take it step by step and offer treats for everything your dog does well. If they argue too much, take a step back and gradually start offering treats for the times when they are calm.

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#2 – Patience

Patience goes hand in hand with treats, as you use your patience to train your dog so you can clean his or her ears. Remember to take everything step by step. You may not be able to perform a complete ear cleaning in one session. You might not even get through one ear! But be patient. Accepting small victories will help your dog feel comfortable throughout the process. Don’t get frustrated or angry as your dog will sense this and become even more stressed. Practice a little every day until your dog feels comfortable having his ears completely cleaned.

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#3 – Don’t overdo it

It is possible to clean the ears too often, so don’t think you have to clean your dog’s ears every day or even every week. Most vets recommend regular cleaning if you notice them becoming visibly dirty. Irritation from too much cleaning will become uncomfortable for your dog and even promote infections. This is a great way to make the ear cleaning process painful and very unpleasant for your pup. Even the most patient dog will become afraid of something that causes pain, and we don’t want a routine procedure to become so uncomfortable. In any case, we want to make ear cleaning a fun, treat-filled event that your pup will get excited about! Remember that too much of anything becomes monotonous, so practice until it becomes relatively easy for you to clean the ears, and then only occasionally.

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