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3 Reasons Dog Dental Health Matters

When it comes to dog dental health, many pet owners are still lagging behind. Although more and more people are signing up for annual anesthesia dentistry from their vet, others are still hesitant to spend the money. Many of us find it difficult to maintain a teeth-brushing routine. Whatever the reason, we must remember that dog dental health is important. In fact, it’s probably more important to your dog’s overall health than you realize.

Dog Dental Health Problem #1 – Bad Breath

While dogs aren’t known for having the freshest breath of animals, they can really knock us out when it comes to poor dental health. One of the most overlooked signs of periodontal disease in dogs is bad breath. Many owners assume that bad breath is something that dogs naturally have. But this is certainly cause for concern if your dog’s breath is exceptionally terrible. It is important to identify periodontal disease in the beginning, but prevention is even better. It’s your job as their dog’s mom and dad to keep a close eye on this telltale red flag for canine dental health.

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Dog Dental Health, Number 2 – Tooth and Gum Decay

If left untreated, periodontal disease will cause a lot of damage to your dog’s mouth. Plaque and tartar will begin to develop below the gum line, which begins to eat away and attack the tooth and the tissue around it. This will eventually lead to gum decay, tooth loss and even abscesses. Even minor periodontal disease is painful for our dogs, so severe progression can cause a lot of discomfort.

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Canine Dental Health Problem #3 – Systemic Changes

In addition to affecting your dog’s teeth and gums, dogs have also suffered from painful bone loss in the jaw due to severe periodontal disease. Furthermore, studies have shown that periodontal disease doesn’t just affect your dog’s mouth. Microscopic changes can be seen in the heart, liver and kidneys – all important parts of your dog’s body! This suggests that they may be at higher risk for organ diseases. In humans, poor dental health has also been shown to worsen control of diabetes mellitus and even increase the risk of developing it.

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Dog dental health is important to the overall health and well-being of all our dogs. The best medicine is prevention. Continue to brush your dog’s teeth, offer chews and check with your vet regularly. Ensuring that your dog does not begin to suffer from this painful and potentially fatal disease is the key to success. Make working towards excellent dental health a regular part of your life with your dog.

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