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19 Pit Bull Owners Share Best Shampoos for Itchy & Sensitive Skin

There’s nothing worse than watching your pit bull suffer from itchy skin allergies. We asked our community of more than 800,000 pit bull owners the following question: Which shampoo do you recommend for a pit bull with itchy or sensitive skin? Below we have summarized the best responses. Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any changes that will affect your pit bull’s health;

19 Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos for Pit Bulls with Itchy/Sensitive Skin

I work in a veterinary clinic. This is what my girl uses. It is the best!

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As a professional dog groomer and pitty owner. I recommend a good Tea Tree oil/aloe dog shampoo. (Espree is a good one) And if it itches and yeast, zymox. But generally, skin problems are the result of internal allergies such as food.

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I use this for my baby, he is allergic to almost everything. Pits are very low maintenance dogs. People don’t realize this. I love my pittie and I wouldn’t change him for anything, he is my needy baby.

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I used an oatmeal bath to soak, baby shampoo and then applied coconut oil to the bad areas. My well we found out was allergic to fleas. One bite and he would have a seizure. I would also check what is in your dog’s food. I rescued one who was allergic to grain. He went on a raw diet and it helped.

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I use hemp it smells so good and makes her coat soft!!

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At full power Rinse them very well. I take baths a few times a week until it really starts to work well, our dog has no more problems

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Shampoo only puts a band-aid on the problem. Solve the situation from within, the dog likely has allergies and food sensitivities that need to be addressed or the problem will never go away.

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My pity has sensitive skin and allergies. This is a bit expensive, but worth the price.

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This is what I use for my pit mix. He has very sensitive skin and many allergies. This will help soothe his skin when he has flare-ups. I wouldn’t use this as a remedy, but it certainly helps soothe the itching.

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Chlorhexadine dog shampoo. That stuff is magical. Works for everything. My pit bull had smelly, itchy skin as a puppy and this solved the problem. This shampoo is what vets recommend and it has worked for all problems with rashes, hot spots, odor, itching and even insect bites. Check out the reviews and you’ll see.

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IT STARTS WITH DIET from within. what is going on or missing on the inside will show up on the outside!! improve NUTRITION!

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Found that my Pitty is allergic to chicken and certain grains. She has changed her diet and takes an organic probiotic for sensitive stomachs with her morning meal. Does wonders. Finding the cause is the key.

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I use Scentsy Best Bud Suds. My pit is allergic to grass and is taking appoquel. This is a hypoallergenic shampoo that also moisturizes.

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Chevy has had skin problems for years and this was once prescribed and it is all we have used for over 8 years.

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Trizchlor (recommended by dermatologist and available on Amazon)…. or for dry skin Tropiclean Oxymed oatmeal ‘rinse’… I have been dealing with this for over 9 years and those are the only two things that work for my dog. In winter he wears a shirt when I turn on the heating. He is a blue pit bull and a Shar Pei mix. His coat is like brillo and he gets secondary skin infections.

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Attempt. CuraBenz. Benzoyl peroxide 3% medicated shampoo. It really worked great for my princess

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Baby shampoo. It’s the only shampoo I’ve found in three years that doesn’t make her skin dry and itchy. I’ve used everything from oatmeal to prescription shampoos, but I found that the yellow bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo available at Walmart does the trick.

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Try a paste of baking soda and water. You can even make it quite watery. Shake the container often between applications to keep it in solution. Should clean the skin and coat and neutralize itching. Also works great on human hair/scalp. It’s what I’ve been using for myself for about three years now. Cheap. Simple. Effective. Makes my hair really clean and soft and surprisingly, I can last for many days before repeating.

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My pit had sensitive skin and I used β€œFresh ‘n Clean” Oatmeal shampoo. It smells wonderful and has helped her skin.

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Important Note: The above suggestions come from our community of pit bull owners. Always do your own research and check with your veterinarian before making any changes that will affect your pit bull’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so where applicable the links above may be affiliate links to retailers, at no additional cost to you.

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