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13 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Products For 2023

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Just like humans, dogs need dental cleaning products to maintain their oral hygiene. Dogs that do not have good dental health may be in pain or have extra smelly breath. However, dogs can’t brush their own teeth like we can, so it’s up to us to help them. We want to ensure that all dog parents can give their dogs the dental care they need, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best dental cleaning products for dogs.

Brushing Yorkie's teeth

The best products for cleaning dog teeth

The number of products on the market for dog dental health can be overwhelming, so how do you choose? Dog toothbrushes and toothpaste are the most effective choices, but some dogs refuse to have their teeth brushed. That’s why we’ve selected a variety of dental products so you can find one that’s both effective and convenient for your dog.

1. iHeartDogs Happy Healthy Bushy Sticks Dental Treats for Dogs

iHeartDogs bushy sticks

If you find yourself struggling to brush your dog’s teeth every day, you may want to use these treats on days when your dog refuses to cooperate. The iHeartDogs Brushy Sticks look, smell and taste like a delicious treat for your dog, but they can remove plaque and tartar while freshening breath while your dog chews. They come in two sizes, both with an easy-to-chew texture that dogs of all ages and breeds can appreciate. Plus, every bag purchased donates seven meals to shelter dogs!

2. TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive for DogsTropiClean Dog Water Additive

A water additive is the easiest way to add dental care to your dog’s routine. All you have to do is add a little to your dog’s water and he will benefit from it every time he drinks. Most dogs won’t even notice this in their water bowl, making it perfect for dogs to avoid tooth brushing at all costs. This formula can control plaque and tartar while freshening your dog’s breath.

3. Nylabone Power Chew Easy Hold dog toy

Nylabone Powerchew

Nylabone is known for making durable toys for heavy chewers, and these toys are specifically designed with oral hygiene in mind. The toy is shaped so that your dog can easily hold it with his paws while chewing. Each side has unique grooves to remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. It even has a bacon flavor to entice dogs, making them less likely to chew things they shouldn’t.

4. Vet’s best dog toothbrush and enzymatic toothpaste kit

Vet's best toothbrush and toothpaste set

This kit comes with virtually everything your dog needs for good dental health. It contains dog toothpaste and two types of dog toothbrushes. The smaller toothbrush slips over your finger, making it easier to brush hard-to-reach areas of your dog’s mouth. The enzymatic toothpaste can gently remove plaque and tartar and freshen breath at the same time. Most dogs will be hesitant to have their teeth brushed, but it is one of the most effective ways to prevent dental disease.

5. Virbac CET Enzymatic dog toothpaste

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

This is another effective dog toothpaste option. It cleans your furry friend’s mouth by reducing plaque and freshening breath. It is vet recommended and safe to swallow, making pet parents feel comfortable using it on their dog’s teeth. You can choose between vanilla, chicken or beef flavors to make the toothpaste more appealing to your pup.

6. Petkin Toothbrushes for dogs and cats

Petkin Toothbrushes for dogs and cats

Dental wipes are another useful dental cleaning product for dogs. All you have to do is wrap one of the wet wipes around your finger and then rub it against your dog’s teeth. It’s faster and easier than traditional toothbrushing, while still effectively cleaning teeth and gums, reducing plaque and tartar and freshening breath. It is vet approved and requires no water or rinsing to do its job. It even has a mint flavor that many dogs love.

7. Whimzees from Wellness Natural Dental Chews

Whimzees Dog Tooth Chews

Whimzees are another dental chew that most dogs will mistake for a regular treat. When your dog chews these vet-recommended treats, he’ll experience fresher breath and less plaque and tartar. These chews come in several unique shapes, all of which have small grooves to clean hard-to-reach areas in your dog’s teeth. They are available in four different sizes so that all breeds can enjoy them.

8. iHeartDogs Fresh Mint Scented Brush Bone Toy

If your dog likes to chew, this toy can satisfy that need and clean his teeth at the same time. The natural rubber chew toy has a refreshing mint scent to entice your dog and freshen his breath. Then the soft bristles help scrape off plaque and tartar as they chew. You can even put small treats and kibble in the crevices to make the toy more exciting for your furry friend. Plus, every toy purchased donates a toy to an animal shelter.

9. iHeartDogs Fresh Mint Scented Brush Ball

This natural rubber chew ball is similar to the bone toy. It entices your dog and freshens breath with its mint scent, and it scrapes off plaque and tartar with its soft tips. It also has several grooves where you can hide treats and kibble if you wish. These balls can be great for retrieving because they bounce easily, making them exciting for dogs to chase. With every purchase, a toy is donated to a dog in need.

10. Oratene brushless toothpaste gel for dogs and cats

Oratene brushless toothpaste gel

If you don’t have a dog toothbrush at hand, that’s no problem. This toothpaste gel can be used without brushing. Simply squirt the toothpaste directly onto your dog’s teeth or use your finger if necessary. It is recommended by veterinarians because it is safe for daily use and easier to use than some of its competitors. Using this product regularly can help your dog get cleaner teeth, cleaner gums and fresher breath.

11. Petlab Co. Dental formula for dogs

PetlabCo Dental Formula

This is another water additive formula proven to give your dog a brighter smile when used daily. Like similar products, all you need to do is add a little to your dog’s water, and the product will work as your dog drinks from the water bowl. It can reduce tartar buildup while freshening your dog’s breath, allowing your pup to kiss better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth daily to prevent tartar buildup and promote optimal oral health. However, if daily brushing is not feasible, it is helpful to brush several times a week. This can still make a significant difference in your dog’s dental health. On days when you don’t brush, you can use other dental products such as chews or water additives.

What are signs of dental problems in dogs?

Signs of dental problems in dogs include persistent bad breath, yellow or brown tartar buildup on the teeth, bleeding or inflamed gums, difficulty eating, excessive drooling and tooth loss. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately. Regular dental checkups can help detect and prevent these problems.

Can I use human toothpaste for dogs?

No, you should not use human toothpaste for dogs. Many human toothpastes contain ingredients, such as xylitol or fluoride, that are toxic to dogs. Always use a toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs to ensure their safety and well-being.

Are dental chews for dogs effective for cleaning teeth?

Yes, dog chews are designed to help reduce plaque and tartar by mechanically scraping the teeth as the dog chews. Many dental chews also contain ingredients that can help freshen breath or break down plaque. While they can be a useful part of an oral hygiene routine, they should be used in addition to brushing your teeth and not instead.

How often should dogs get a professional teeth cleaning?

The frequency of professional dental cleanings for dogs varies depending on their breed, age and dental health. Typically, veterinarians recommend an annual dental checkup, with cleanings as advised based on the dog’s individual needs. Consultation with your veterinarian will provide the best guidance for your dog’s dental care schedule.

Is bad breath in dogs normal?

Although dogs do not naturally have minty breath, extremely foul-smelling breath is not typical and may indicate health problems. Persistent bad breath in dogs can be a sign of periodontal disease, gastrointestinal problems or other underlying conditions. It is important to consult a veterinarian if your dog has persistent bad breath, to rule out possible health problems.

Do small dogs have more dental problems than large dogs?

Yes, small dog breeds often have more dental problems than larger breeds, mainly because their teeth can crowd together, leading to more plaque and tartar buildup. This crowding can make it more difficult to keep teeth clean and can result in a higher risk of periodontal disease. Regular dental care is crucial, especially in smaller breeds, to prevent these problems.

Handing dog a dental chew

Final thoughts

There are many teeth cleaning products for dogs, including the many effective options mentioned in this article. Some options include toothbrushes, toothpaste gel, dental chews, water additives and dental toys. Using more than one of these products can improve your dog’s dental health even further.

Dental disease can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms in dogs, so consider using one of these excellent dental products to keep an eye on your furry friend’s health.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

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