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120 Super Surf Dog Names for Beach-Loving Puppies

If you’re looking for the best surf dog names for your beach-loving pup, I’ve got you covered!

Whether you like hanging out with 10 of you or just hanging out at the beach, these top 100 surfing-inspired ideas are perfect for you!

Read on for 60 ideas for males and 60 for females, plus a brief description of each name!

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120 Surf Dog Names for Beachy Pups

We’ve divided our list of surf dog names into feminine and masculine ideas, but some are relatively gender neutral.

In other words, if you like a female list name for a male, go ahead and use it!

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Let’s start now. Ladies First!

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Female Surf Dog Names

This adorable beach-loving pooch has one of the best surfer dog names!

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  1. Aliikai (Queen of the Sea)
  2. Aqua (the color used to describe a sea)
  3. Aroa (Aroa Beach is famous for its scenic backdrops)
  4. Alaia (a surfboard made of wood)
  5. Aerial (a move in which a surfer meets the crest of a wave and takes off)
  6. Ariel (like the Little Mermaid in Disney)
  7. Azure (as in the color of deep blue water)
  8. Bells (a famous surfing spot in Australia)
  9. Betty (what they call female surfers)
  10. Bino (between the two big waves)
  11. Bambora (an offshore break in deep water)
  12. Bathsheba (beach in Barbados with indescribable beauty)
  13. Blondie (a good beach name for a blonde dog)
  14. Bondi (a famous beach in Australia)
  15. Camiala (for a dog that likes to spend time on sand)
  16. Calinda (a word sun in Hindi language)
  17. Coral (one of the best beach dog names)
  18. Chiva (blue beach La Chiva)
  19. Copa (the beach of Copacabana in Brazil with a great view)
  20. Curl (the shape of a wave right after it breaks)
  21. Current (the movement of water due to temperature or wind)
  22. Heel (bumpy water)
  23. Dory (from Finding Nemo)
  24. Dune (sand dunes on the beach)
  25. Darya (the Persian word meaning ‘goddess of the sea’)
  26. Dawn (the best time of day to catch some waves)
  27. Eliana (a word meaning ‘daughter of the sun’)
  28. Gidget (little female surfer)
  29. Grace (after Grace Beach in Turkey)
  30. Goody (perfect for a happy dog)
  31. Haven (as in a refuge from stormy seas)
  32. Holly (for famous surfer Holly Beck)
  33. Indigo (another color of the deep sea)
  34. Lanai (a word meaning island)
  35. Lanikai (an island famous for blue-green water)
  36. Leech (a needy surfer)
  37. Langkawi (a beach known for its pirate hangouts)
  38. Lisa (after surfer Lisa Andersen)
  39. Maya (after extreme surfer Maya Reis Gabeira)
  40. Marina (the place where you moor your boat)
  41. Megan (after Megan Abubo, the famous surfer)
  42. Moana (after the Disney film it also means ‘ocean’)
  43. Moku (an Olympian who made surfing famous)
  44. Morwenna (waves of the sea)
  45. Mysto (a surf spot that breaks away from the distant reef)
  46. Pebbles (the small stones on the beach)
  47. Peak (the place in the sea where the water breaks on both sides)
  48. Pits (middle of the wave)
  49. Pearl (the pearls in shells)
  50. Racy (a surfing term for a fast wave)
  51. Reno (another famous surfer)
  52. Rochelle (Rochelle Ballard)
  53. Sailor (pretty clear)
  54. Sandy (the sand on the beach)
  55. Seashell (perfect name for a dog who likes to spend time on the beach)
  56. Solangi (solar angel)
  57. Sunset (sunset beach in Hawaii)
  58. Sydney (the Australian city is known for its beaches)
  59. Wahine (a name for a female surfer)
  60. Waikiki (a cute Hawaiian beach dog name)

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Male Surf Dog Names

  1. Akaw (a word surfers shout when they see a wave)
  2. Aggro (describes aggression when approaching the wave)
  3. Barrel (a tubular wave curl)
  4. Bradshaw (a famous surfer)
  5. Swamps (swamps)
  6. Bamboo (material used in surfboards)
  7. Barney (a newbie)
  8. Bambora (a large wave that breaks outside the normal surf line)
  9. Bilbo (a dog from Newfoundland who patrolled the beaches from Cornwall)
  10. Breaker (a big wave)
  11. Blue (the color of the ocean)
  12. Bud (for Bud Brown, the famous surf filmmaker)
  13. Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe, who was lost on an island for years)
  14. Kampen (bay beach in Cape Town)
  15. Cruise (a relaxing sea voyage)
  16. Cargo (a clever name for a beach dog)
  17. Crest (upper part of the wave)
  18. Carver (one who is agile)
  19. Corduroy (swell coming from the horizon)
  20. Doc (a pioneer of surf culture)
  21. Duke (for Duke Kahanamokuthe father of surfing)
  22. Dorian (a Greek word meaning sea)
  23. El Rollo (an intricate surfer moving on the wave)
  24. Fuller (for Jim Fuller)
  25. Gun (name of a large surfboard)
  26. Hanalei (a beautiful bay in Hawaii)
  27. Horseshoe (a bay in Bermuda shaped like a horseshoe)
  28. Harbor (a beach in the Bahamas)
  29. Honopu (a beach in Hawaii)
  30. Hurley (famous surfing equipment brand)
  31. Kalama (after windsurfing champion Dave Kalama)
  32. Kahuna (as in “The Great Kahuna”)
  33. Kauai (second oldest island in Hawaii)
  34. Kook (term used to describe an unprofessional surfer)
  35. Kaimama (a word meaning man of the sea)
  36. Knot (a unit of speed used by sailors)
  37. Kapena (a word meaning captain of the board)
  38. Key West (a chain of famous islands off the coast of Florida)
  39. Lindquist (beach name)
  40. Laird (after Laird Hamilton)
  41. Lido (for Lido Beach in Italy)
  42. Maverick (the biggest wave)
  43. Mack (large, large or big)
  44. Maui (Hawaii’s third largest island)
  45. Maho (Maho Beach in St. Martin)
  46. Malibu (a famous beach in California)
  47. Miki (Miki Dora a king of Malibu in the 50s and 60s)
  48. Nungwi (Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar)
  49. Narrabeen (famous surfing spot on the north coast of Australia)
  50. Nido (El Nido Beach in Palawan, Philippines)
  51. Pirate (the best outlaw of the sea)
  52. Paddlepup (a dog that loves to swim or loves water)
  53. Pelican (a cool bird that looks like beach spots)
  54. Reef (a famous surfing brand)
  55. Reduit (a famous beach in St. Lucia)
  56. Rusty (Cadillac among surfboards)
  57. Skip (for Skip Frye, a legendary surfboard shaper)
  58. Splash (pretty obvious)
  59. Surfer (can’t leave out this obvious one!)
  60. Taj (as in Taj Burrow)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Surf Dog Names

Before we say goodbye, let’s go over some frequently asked questions about popular surf dog names. Keep in mind that most of these are subjective questions, so the answers are too. In other words, there is no one right answer.

What is a beachy girl name for a dog?

There are tons of cute, beachy girl names! If you want something inspired by beaches in general, you can’t go wrong with Sandy or Coral. Or go for something more unique and name her after one of the world’s famous beaches. Bondi is fun!

What is a good ocean themed name for a dog?

Zeeman is my favorite! But other good names include Nemo (not just for Finding Nemo, but for the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea character), Dory, or Knot.

What is a good Hawaiian name for a dog?

I love Moana, Maui and Waikiki. But so many city and village names are also beautiful dog names.

Which dog is named after a Caribbean island?

That would be the Potcake dog, the name given to any mixed-breed dog in the Caribbean islands.

What is the number 1 dog name in the world?

From 2023 it will be Luna for a girl and Max for a boy. Other popular dog names include Cooper, Charlie, Milo and Buddy for boys, and Bella, Daisy, Lucy & Lily for girl dogs.

With this mix of traditional Hawaiian names, famous beaches and cool surfing lingo, you should have no problem finding the right name for your dog!

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If you're looking for the best surf dog names for your beach-loving pup, I've got you covered!  Check out the 120 best ideas for male and female puppies!

What are some of your favorite surf dog names? Share below!

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