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100 Awesome Firefighter Dog Names for Men and Women

Need some great fire dog names?

We have 100 ideas for you, inspired by one of the most noble professions.

There’s plenty for both boys and girls, so take a look!

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Firefighter Dog Names for Men

Need some great fire dog names?  We have 100 ideas for you, inspired by one of the most noble professions.
  1. Aiden – Celtic name, and it means ‘little fire’.
  2. Alev – Turkish name meaning ‘fire’.
  3. Anshul – this name means ‘sunbeam’.
  4. Apollo – to the Greek God.
  5. Azar – Iranian name meaning ‘fire’.
  6. Bladder – After the fire dog in Paw Patrol
  7. Brando – Italian name for ‘fireman’.
  8. Brantley – German name meaning ‘fire’.
  9. Buff – one of Chicago’s most famous fire dogs.
  10. Cheddar – after firefighting Dalmatian.
  11. Cole – this name refers to ‘coal’.
  12. Conlet – this name refers to a small fire.
  13. Cyrus – Persian name meaning ‘sun’.
  14. Drake – this is the common name of fire dragons.
  15. Egan – Irish name meaning ‘born of flames’.
  16. Felix – after the fire dog from the 1990s.
  17. Fintan – Irish name meaning ‘white fire’.
  18. Flint – this one speaks for itself.
  19. Gibil – after the Sumerian God of forging.
  20. Haco – Celtic name meaning ‘flame’.
  21. Hagan – Irish name meaning ‘little fire’.
  22. Hakan – American name for ‘fire’.
  23. Horus – after the Egyptian God of the sun.
  24. Snake – to the instrument that firefighters use to extinguish fires.
  25. Ignatius – very old word for ‘fire’.
  26. Inferno – in most cultures this name refers to an intense fire.
  27. Jake – one of the most famous firefighter pit bulls.
  28. Kai – Scottish name meaning ‘fire’.
  29. Keahi – Hawaiian name meaning ‘flames’.
  30. Keegan – this name refers to the son of fire.
  31. Kenneth – for a cute dog, “born of fire.”
  32. Kojin – after the Japanese god of fire.
  33. Kresnik – after the Slovenian fire god.
  34. Log – Norwegian personality depicting fire.
  35. Loki – after the Norse god of fire.
  36. Marcus – after the founder of the first Roman fire brigade, Marcus Licinius Crassus.
  37. MacKay – Scottish name meaning ‘of fire’.
  38. Nero – perfect name for a black dog born of fire.
  39. Squeeze – after the Brooklyn fire dog of the 1900s.
  40. Obayana – Nigerian name meaning ‘kings of fire’.
  41. phoenix – to the bird that was reborn from its own ashes.
  42. Prometheus– after the Greek titan who gave the world fire
  43. Polo – one of the most famous canine firefighters.
  44. Rhys – this name means ‘fire’.
  45. Riggs – after the New York firefighter mascot.
  46. Samson – Hebrew name meaning ‘sun’.
  47. Smoky – a perfect name for a fire dog.
  48. Sparky – a cute name for a puppy who is always happy.
  49. Svarog – after the Slavic God of fire.
  50. Vulcan – after the Roman god of fire.

Firefighter Dog Names for Females

Need some great fire dog names?  We have 100 ideas for you, inspired by one of the most noble professions.
  1. Alinta – Noongar name meaning ‘flame’.
  2. Anal – Hindi name, meaning ‘fire’.
  3. Ann – to Ann Millington, one of the first firewomen.
  4. Angarika – Hindi name meaning ‘flame in the forest’.
  5. Ashley – to the bravest pup in Dallas.
  6. Aster – this name means ‘star’.
  7. Bedelia – after the Celtic goddess of fire.
  8. Brande – after the brand.
  9. Breen – German name meaning ‘flame’.
  10. Brigid – after the Irish goddess of fire.
  11. Calida – Spanish name meaning ‘hot’.
  12. Chantico – after the Aztec goddess of fire and volcanoes.
  13. Cinderella – English name, for a little cinder girl.
  14. Clover – after Florida’s firefighter mascot.
  15. Damini – Hindi name meaning ‘lightning’.
  16. Edana – Irish name meaning ‘little flame’.
  17. Electricity – Greek name for powerful lightning.
  18. Eliane – ancient Greek name meaning ‘sun’.
  19. Elidi – this name refers to the ‘gift of the sun’.
  20. Ember – this one speaks for itself.
  21. Enya – Irish name meaning ‘little fire’.
  22. Fia – Italian name for a small fire.
  23. Fiamma – this name means ‘fire’.
  24. Hera – after the Greek goddess responsible for the fireplace.
  25. Hestia – after the Greek goddess of fire.
  26. Houri – Armenian name meaning ‘flame’.
  27. Iansa – after the Brazilian goddess of fire.
  28. Idalia – Italian name for the one who carries the light.
  29. Kalama – Hawaiian name meaning ‘flaming torch’.
  30. Kalinda – Indian name meaning ‘sun’.
  31. Keegan – Irish name meaning ‘shining flame’.
  32. Kindle – this name was used for the person who started the fire.
  33. London – after one of the largest fires.
  34. Lottie – one of Britain’s best fire dogs.
  35. Molly – in 1818 she was the first fire dog.
  36. Oriane – French name meaning ‘sunrise’.
  37. Pele – after a Hawaiian goddess of fire.
  38. Littlefinger – the mascot of a New York fire department.
  39. Ruby – after Georgia’s famous fire dog.
  40. Salana – Latin name meaning ‘sun’.
  41. Serafina – this name refers to a fire bearer.
  42. Shelby – one of Bladensburg’s fire dogs.
  43. Solana – Spanish name meaning ‘sunshine’.
  44. Soleil – French name meaning ‘sun’.
  45. Sparkles – this one speaks for itself.
  46. Stella – Greek name meaning ‘star’.
  47. Tana – one of the fire goddesses of ancient Greece.
  48. Tilly one of Britain’s famous firefighters.
  49. Twenty – a very important rescue dog that assisted in the tragedy of 9/11.
  50. Vesta – after the Roman goddess of fire.

Need more ideas for your new girl? Check out our ultimate list of dog names for women, with over 1,000!!

Firefighter dogs are among the bravest dogs in the world, so you’ll want to choose a name that honors their courage.

We think these ideas above are pretty awesome! My personal favorite is Twenty, and it works for both men and women!

What are your favorite fire dog names? Share below!

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